Anxiety Product Review – Change That’s Right Now

29 01 2010

Continuing my series of reviews on anxiety self-help products.

Change That’s Right Now
Rating: 1/5
Cost: $236 (Download Version) $246 (Print Version)
Creator: Seymour Segnit
Items included:

  • 14 Chapter 3 CD set
  • 94 Page workbook
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • $99 Special Rebate

This program definitely has the most aggressive sales pitch of any that I have looked in to. Videos on every page. Testimonials from “prominent” media figures. Worldwide acclaim. Promises of results in 24 hours. Rebates and guarantees. It must be the answer, right? Wrong!

Out of every program that I have researched and purchased, this is the worst.

I’ll start with the idea behind the program. First, you need to store up good thoughts, and then create a trigger (clenching your hand, pinching your ear lobe, etc.). This way, when you get anxious or nervous feelings you can just use your trigger and all the bad thoughts and feelings will be replaced with your stored “happy” thoughts. Sorry, your happy thoughts will not make you fly. Next you learn to use something called Time Line Therapy. Which is basically the idea of imagining yourself in a nervous situation, then imagining yourself 15 minutes later happy and comfortable. Now you won’t be so afraid of the nervous situation. That’s it. That’s all $236 dollars worth of the program. They were right about getting results in 24 hours though. Only, the results that I got were knowing that I was going to take full advantage of their money back guarantee.

Moving on to the special $99 rebate. You can get $99 off the program if you call a special number and give a 3 minute testimonial about the product. It can be positive or negative. I tried this. 2 months later, no rebate.

So I finally just decided it was time to get my money back. Luckily they have their quick easy refund policy, “If you’re not satisfied, just contact us and we will refund your money immediately.” Nice try. Here is how their refund policy works. You fill out an online form, with your order information. Then you have to print out a piece of paper and fill out all of the same information again. After that, you have to take the program to a library or charity and donate it. The library or charity then has to sign the paper that you filled out. Mail that in, and you get your money back. Not quite “contact us and get an immediate refund”. But here’s the interesting thing, I did the download version of the program. There was nothing to donate. After emailing customer service they told me to just fax over the form with “download” written in the signature area and I will receive my refund in 4 weeks. Not quite “immediate”. 4 weeks later, no refund. It took two more emails before they finally found my form and refunded my money.

Overall this program was a complete waste of money, a lot of time, and a portion of my sanity. Their vague promises and terrible customer service alone are a good enough reason to avoid this program. But the program itself is just silly and disappointing. Try it out if you like, but make sure you are ready to jump through plenty of hoops to get your money back, if you choose to.



One response

4 03 2010
Seymour Segnit


I’m the creator of the Vanquish Fear & Anxiety program and I was really sorry to read your review today. Its genuinely the case that Vanquish Fear & Anxiety has helped countless people all over the world and I would love for you to be one of them.

All the reviews/testimonials on our site are the original genuine words of people the program has helped (many sites fake their reviews – we could never do that).

Obviously not every approach is well received by every person – but respectfully I think you were overly quick to dismiss the the techniques we teach.

Anchoring, for instance, isn’t something we just made up. It is tapping into the very core of the human (in fact the mammal) nervous system. I’ve honestly never known it not to help provided it is done properly – and I’d be more than happy to speak with you personally to help.

Many phobias are, in fact, themselves big ‘negative’ anchors – a linking within the nervous system between a trigger (like flying, or speaking) and strong negative emotions.

In my experience, the only time that anchoring isn’t successful is when the initial anchor is not built correctly or powerfully enough (the latter is quite common, and both are easily fixed).

Time Line Therapy is very different. When used correctly it causes the mind to rebuild its ‘map’ of past events so that negative emotions associated with them are released. A key component of why we feel the way we do today is our mind’s interpretation of the past. When used correctly TLT can made fast and permanent changes for many people.

I have personally lead seminars where hundreds of people at a time have experienced this – and the feedback we get from people who have made real changes in their lives is wonderful.

Again, if you would like to get in touch I would be more than happy to go over these points with you.


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