Reader Review – New Book

4 10 2010

I received this review from Vanessa, an UnNerved reader who has purchased and read the new book from Geert Verschaeve.

I just got Geert’s book from Amazon! I read it all in one night and it explained things so easily! I have had panic attacks since I was 18, I am now 29 and after reading this book I felt so relaxed and I wasn’t worrying as much. I kept doing the steps in the book and I woke up feeling great! I was put on 10mg prozac and I took it for a month and wanted to get off but was afraid. Today after waking up from reading geerts book I stopped taking my prozac I feel wonderful! This book really helps you I hope you give it a chance , I did and its the best thing and it was only 10 dollars!!!!!

Sounds like this book may be a great tool to add to your arsenal of anxiety weapons. I think I may pick it up in the near future and put my own review of it up on the blog. Thanks to Vanessa for her insight. If anyone else has read this book and would like to have their review posted on, please head over to the contact page and let me know your thoughts.



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